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Our Movement

Black Los Angeles Young Democrats is dedicated to a few central causes which we believe are crucial in helping us achieve our goals. As a growing movement, we divide our time and efforts so that we can truly invest in each cause. Read on to learn more.

Get Involved: Causes

Volunteer Opportunities

There are a plethora BLAYD wants to get you involved in your local government. From voter registration, canvassing, phone banking, facilitating, event planning and more. Contact us today through phone or email to learn more!



BLAYD is always open to partnering with community members and groups that share our values and concern for community improvement, black economics, and forward mobility. If you are interested in partnerships or collaborations please don't hesitate to reach out.

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The board of BLAYD can be best described as an assortment of activists, organizers, and advocates. We make it our duty and obligation to advocate for the wellness of the Black community through legislative and civic engagement. Is there an issue that you would like to bring attention to? Please let us know so we can advocate and find solutions together!

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