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2022 Endorsed Candidates

The Endorsement Process

The Black Los Angeles Young Democrats 2022 Endorsement Process was treated with delicacy, sensitivity, and care. We understand that many Black community residents are looking for servant leaders that are committed to prioritizing their concerns and listening to their vision. We received dozens of inquiries from candidates all over Los Angeles County and we wanted to make sure that we supported the ones who shared our vision, values, and goals for Black Los Angeles. 

The first step in this process was filling out a lengthy questionnaire that would highlight the candidates transparency and intentions for office. The second step was the $100 application processing fee to ensure resources were made available for a thorough interview. Lastly, was the actual interview that was scheduled with at least 5 of the 10 Board members where each candidate was asked questions using the 'round robin' style. Questions ranged from their vision for young Black Angelino's, ideas to get build pipelines of engagement, to their top priorities for office if they are elected. Each candidate was reviewed and voted for after several debrief sessions. These sessions have now concluded and we are pleased to announce to our community members our selections for office:

Candidate Endorsements: Welcome
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Karen Bass

Mayor of Los Angeles


Faisal Gill

Los Angeles City Attorney


Elizabeth Lashley- Haynes

L.A Superior Court Judge #67


Maria Brenes



Cassandra Chase

Lakewood City Council, District 5


Holly Hancock

L.A Superior Court Judge Seat #70


Scott Epstein

L.A City Council, District 5


Erin Darling

L.A City Council, District 11


Anna Slotky

L.A Superior Court Judge Seat #60


Jeff Prang

L.A County Assessor


Kevin McGurk

L.A Superior Court Judge Seat #90

Candidate Endorsements: Causes
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